Past Projects

Centro de Ensenanza

Centro de Enseñanza Especial de Liberia
Liberia, Costa Rica

Escuela Enseñanza Especial is located in Liberia and is a part of the public school system. There are approximately 150 students. It is the only special education school in all of Guanacaste. It offers services to infants, until the age of 21. The school offers education services, along with physical, occupational and speech therapy. The school primarily services students with Down Syndrome, Autism, and those with severe learning disabilities.

Project Woo Nicaragua

Project Woo
Gigante, Nicaragua

Gigante is a small fishing community just north of San Juan del Sur on the Southern Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. This community consists of about 500 people. Most houses do not have running water and reliable electricity. Education is very limited in this community, as there are only two classrooms to serve kindergarden through fourth grade. The older children must take a 14 kilometer bus ride each way to school. We partnered with Project WOO to create a summer camp for the local children. Over 30 children participated opening the community to more educational opportunities that are otherwise not available.

Manos Unidas Peru

Manos Unidas-Peru
Cusco, Peru

Manos Unidas is a legally registered Peruvian Non-Profit Organization, founder and promoter of the first and only private special education school in Cusco. Manos Unidas has a professional staff of 21 members, the school serves approximately 50 children, 3-24 years of age who are directly affected by an intellectual disability. R.E.A.Ch. partnered with Manos Unidas to provide school supplies along with specialized therapy items to these children.

Manos Abiertas Costa Rica

Manos Abiertas Liberia
Martina Bustos, Costa Rica

Martina Bustos is one of the poorest cities in Costa Rica, an urban settlement located just outside of Liberia. There is an estimated 3,000 people living in this city, many who lack basic school supplies and health services. Martina Bustos only has 6 usable water supply tubes for the entire community. R.E.A.Ch. partnered with Manos Abiertas Liberia to provide school and health supplies to the most vulnerable in the community.

Escondido Community Childcare Center

Escondido Community Child Development Center

ECCDC is a preschool for low-income families located in Escondido. R.E.A.Ch. supported the preschool with the necessary supplies, such as books and educational games.